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What is SFRA?

Doble M5400 Kaaraba

What is SFRA? Sweep Frequency Response Analysis. Doble’s M5400 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer is the most reliable and robust SFRA system in the world. Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) is a tool that can give an indication of core or winding movement in transformers. This is done by performing a measurement, albeit a simple one, […]

Why Omicron CMC356 is number 1 ?

Omicron CMC356 Kaaraba

Why Omicron Energy became the world #1 Relay Testing Manufacturer? Get to Know the Omicron Relay Testing CMC 356: When talking about Protection Testing, immediately several brands comes to our minds. Indeed, the market today, offer a large product range and wide choice of secondary injection test kits, also known as protection relay test kits. […]

How to perform partial discharge Survey using the Doble PDS100 in 6 steps?


How Performing partial discharge test using the Doble PDS100 in 6 steps? Like us, we want guideline and case studies on Partial Discharge. Let’s discover together 7 steps on how to perform a quick partial discharge survey in your substation. First of all before starting, let’s make a short introduction on the Doble PDS100. We […]

How the Omicron Testrano 600 is a revolutionary Test Kit ?

Omicron Energy TESTRANO-600

How Omicron Testrano 600, a portable Three Phase Power Transformer Test Kit revolution the testing equipment market? The TESTRANO 600 is famously known as the first of its kind, a portable three-phase power transformer test set. It has the capability to support all known and common tests that can be performed on a power transformer. […]

How Omicron Compano 100 is one of the best Relay Testing Equipment ?

Omicron Energy COMPANO-100

How Omicron Compano 100 is one of the best Relay Testing Equipment ? The Omicron Compano 100. Primary Test. Secondary Injection. Relay Test Equipment. Omicron’s COMPANO 100 is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for performing various types of basic testing on electrical systems. It is very user-friendly such that it incorporates flexible configurable inputs […]

How the Doble Engineering LCM 500 is a safe measuring device ?

Doble Engineering  LCM500

Why the Doble LCM 500 is a safe measuring Device for Surge Arrestor ? The LCM 500 by Doble is an equipment used to perform checks on the surge arrester component of a power transformer. The surge arrester’s purpose in a transformer is to protect it from possible damages due to lightning or power surge. […]

Why the DV RMO60E Protective Earth Resistance Meter is a state-of-art test kit?

DV Power RMO 60ME Front Series

Do you know the DV RMO60E Protective Earth Resistance Meter ? Discover the DV POWER RMO60E The DV Power RMO60E is the equipment of choice when it comes to testing an equipment’s protective bonding. This is in line with the 61010-1 IEC 2001 standard which has been put in place with regards to protective earth […]

How the DOBLE M5400 Sweep Frequency Response Analysis is the best SFRA Kit?

Doble Engineering M5400 SFRA Front

How the DOBLE M5400 is the best SFRA Kit? Discover the Doble M5400, Sweep Frequency Response Analysis: DOBLE’s M5400, a Sweep Frequency Response Analysis test set, has a practical use in the inspection of equipments which possess windings. Popular/common examples of these types of equipments are power transformers and reactors. The M5400 is used on […]

What is Partial Discharge ? get an answer with Doble’s EMI Surveyor.

Doble Engineering  EMI

What is Partial Discharge ? get an answer with the Doble’s EMI Surveyor. Why the Partial Discharge Doble’s EMI Surveyor ? Doble’s EMI Surveyor is a diagnostics tool that is used in the detection of electrical defects in high voltage equipments. It works by measuring the electromagnetic energy (EMI) being released by partial discharge defects of […]

What is a Partial Discharge Test ?

Omicron Energy Partial Discharge Detector PDL 650

What is a Partial Discharge Test ? Discover What is Partial Discharge Testing in Depth: The importance of proper and adequate maintenance of electrical equipments cannot be over-emphasised in an industry. This is because it ensures the longevity of the equipment and allows for optimal functionality to produce reliable results. Also, a system comprising of […]